A history of Munshi10

We are proud of 25 years of Munshi10 growth as PMS of choice in Pakistan. Here is our history.

Simplicity is our culture

Simplicity is our core value. We aim to make things simpler for you so that you can deploy our PMS with very little cost, and keep it up and running without any fuss.

Make it simpler for users

Make teaching and learning integral part of our service.

Deliver Results

Have Fun

A brief history of Munshi10

1996: First Munshi10 version released and implemented at our first hospitality client in Lahore; Best Western, Lahore (now Smart Hotel)
1998: A upgrade of first version was developed and installed and implemented in HolidayInn, Lahore. (Now Four Points Sheraton)
2002: A further upgrade, termed as Munshi8, was released and installed and implemented at HolidayInn, Multan. (Now Ramada Multan)
2002 - 2009: Hospitality market was expanding and Munshi8 was installed and implemented at more and more new emerging hotels.
2010: Munshi9 was born which was a browser based version of Munshi8 making it easy to deploy in large properties using brower as a client.
2013-todate: Munshi10 was a complete rewrite of Munshi9 adding tons of new features including a comprehensive ERP backend.

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